20+ MacOS Apps to Boost Your Productivity

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Dozer: Menu Bar Icon Management

Stats: CPU, RAM and Temperature usage

Spark: Better Mail

Swipe Features

Smart Notifications

Send Later, Email Templates and More

Itsycal: Menubar Calendar

Numi: Menubar Calculator

TickTick: Task Manager

Calendar Sync

Quick Task Creation

Habit Tracking

Pomodoro Timer

Bitwarden: Password Manager

Vivaldi: Chrome Without Compromises



Latest: Keep Your Apps up to Date

KeyboardCleanTool: Clean up your Keyboard

Lepton: The Ultimate Snippet Manager

Amphetamine: Keep your Mac awake

MiniDiary: Record your thoughts the smart way


Little Snitch ($): Take Control of in and out traffic of your Mac

uBlock Origin: Stop ads from from distracting you

uBlock Origin UI

Signal: Text Privately

Signal UI

Other Browsing Essentials:

Advanced Software

Launchbar: Find Files More Quickly

BetterTouchTool: Master Shortcuts, Trackpad Gestures and the TouchBar

Onyx: Clean up your Mac

DaisyDisk: Find out what’s taking up space

Netron: Quickly Inspect ML Models

Spoof: Spoof your MAC Address

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